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The farm offers a calm and peaceful ambience, pollution-free fresh air and the musical sounds of a variety of birds.  Lounging in the vast verandah in front of the house, which also doubles as the restaurant area, the view before you is of our sloping plantation fruit trees and Silver Oak.  Beyond that is a beautiful  range of hills with a string of villages

Photograph by S C Bali

in the neighbouring valley and further down on the plains.   Through most of the year you are surrounded by lush greenery.   Dinner by candlelight in the verandah or on the open terrace is on offer; and on a moonlit night this can be heavenly.

Farm Activity - During the day, within the farm itself, you can walk around the plantation or through the vegetable garden with a large variety of beautiful butterflies to keep you company.  You can help with harvesting fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit, which can be served to you at mealtimes.  You can enjoy the thrill of collecting freshly laid eggs from the chicken coop; or you can relax by the lily pond looking at a variety of fishes swimming around gracefully in the cool, calm water and help with feeding them.   


Photograph by S C Bali

Tom Thumb Golf - On two levels of lawn, the entire family can enjoy an amusing game of 'Tom Thumb' golf our own version os an improvised mini obstacle golf course. Very addictive

Indoor Games - Darts, playing cards, carrom, board games, etc.  


Trekking - The hilly terrain of the farm itself offers excellent opportunities for invigorating and scenic walks.  More adventurous trekkers may climb to the Balancing Rock, Haider's Peak, or even up to the top of Nandi Hills.

Bicycle Tour  - We have now partnered with a professional agency to offer you an exciting Bicycle Tour, run on Sundays.   This adrenaline pumping safari takes you through 40 curves of breathtaking scenery all the way up Nandi Hills.  En route you will  also be introduced to our local historical monuments and get an intimate view of village life.

  Bird Watching The rich variety of birds that share our life is fascinating even for a casual bird watcher.  Some of the birds that we have identified so far are kingfishers, bulbuls, swallows, hoopoes, and blue jays. Winter is a particular delight with our migratory visitors.