Day Visits










We take bookings for day visits on Saturdays and Sundays. There is no entrance fee, we charge you only for the meals you request. As we like to give each of our guest adequate time and space we limit bookings, so you would be well advised to make your booking at least one day in advance.


Meal charges are as follows:


  • Buffet breakfast Rs 350/- per head. 
    • Indian buffet lunch Rs. 550/- per head.
      • Three-course, continental, candle-lit dinner Rs. 650/- per head. 
        • Tea/Coffee with home made cake and a savoury will be served coupled with either lunch or dinner only and will cost Rs. 100/- per person. 

        Children below 3 yrs are not charged, while those below 10 yrs will pay half for breakfast and lunch, but full charge for tea. 


        Please check our Sample Menu page for more details 


        As in any home, everyone eats together and our meal timings are:


        9:00 am for breakfast,

        1:30 pm for lunch

        5:00 pm for tea and

        8:30 pm for the dinner.


        Buffet counters for breakfast, lunch and tea will be wound up one hour from commencement of service.


        Please note that since the dinner is a sit-down service, it is necessary that all guests are seated at their table before the soup is served.


        You may bring any hard liquor/wines you wish to drink to your table.  We do not charge corkage.  You will please not bring your own soft drinks and mixes.  These (including tonic water) are available with us at reasonable prices.  Consumption of food brought with you is not permitted.


        Special menu parties:  Requests for booking of parties with special menus will be entertained for groups exceeding 10 adults.  These will be quoted for based on the menu.


        Service charge @ 10% will be charged on the total bill.


        Please note that once your booking is accepted there is no option for cancellation. 


        Payment can be made in advance through an online internet transfer or by a cheque deposit.   As we are a homestay facility we do not have an arrangement to take credit cards. So, for any extras, you can pay cash here.


        We have recently partnered with a professional agency to offer you ‘Bicycle Tours’ as part of your Day Visit.


        Please call us on 98456 52267 or 93425 10445 for any further information.